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Vaisvil retrospective for the week 5/31/13 to 6/8/13


Hi there, since I post a lot I am going to post weekly or so a retrospective catch up for those who don't go to my blog, etc.

Sometimes you'll get things here that you can't get on the blog - that could be good - or bad... I don't have a problem with posting pure crap if its for a laugh ;-) If you like something follow the link to get pictures (usually) and more information (usually).

Blog post I See The Void with Bethan Mathis

Blog post Where Have the Angels Gone?

Blog post Found Poem with Walter Lowenfels

Blog post Fretless Classical Guitar Improvisation

Blog post The Heroine Aviators of Rogers Park

Blog post Thin Ice for Alto, Female Choir, Harp, and Percussion in adaptive JI, 16 edo, and 8 edo.

charlieferret post Closing Moments in 16 edo


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