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Jute Gyte, 24EDO black metal.

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Easy Listening:
Totally want this. Great!

Easy Listening:
I ordered this CD btw, and got the FLACs right away. Incredible stuff. His others online are totally different, but his discography at Metal Archives is huge!

Easy Listening:
Ears wide since Satan knows; loved the worst of everything ever always; pinned by black metal since the first, and other-tonality since the first, both never-ending: I like this CD as much as I liked Akerbeltz for example when it was new.

Multiple listens in. Totally alien bridges to radically new familiarity. This established as ground then enables what's facilitated only within the context inherently ... and I drown in noise. A+

You guys talk to Jute? This shit is awesome.

Ron is in contact because he converted the instrument.
I'm obsessed with avant garde black metal / death metal so this release and Last Sacrament's new material is exactly what i have been waiting for and imagining for years.


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