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Author Topic: Aspirtaion in 19-edo  (Read 1333 times)

Easy Listening

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Aspirtaion in 19-edo
« on: December 26, 2011, 03:14:44 PM »


On this well-adorned ground may there appear a palace blazing so brightly with the seven jewels that its great light-rays fill innumerable world-realms. May this palace be vast and undivided. May it arise from roots of virtue that utterly transcend the three realms and the world. Utterly pure, may it possess the character of sovereign awareness, the abode of the Tathagatas. May it contain a sangha of bodhisattvas, as well as innumerable devas, nagas, yakshas, gandharvas, asuras, garudas, semihumans, great serpents, humans, and nonhumans--all delighted by the taste of dharma, immersed in great bliss, and authentically achieving all kinds of benefit for all beings. May it be without any stain of affliction and free from all Maras. May it display the array of Tathagatas, superior to all other arrays. May it embody transcendence through great recollection, great intelligence, and great realization. May it support and convey tranquility and insight. May it be entered by the doors of liberation--emptiness, the absence of characteristics, and the absence of ambition.

> http://soundcloud.com/karmajinpa/aspiration-in-19-part-ii
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