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Last Sacrament- a microtonal death metal demo track

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Last Sacrament - Post-Human (16-tone Death Metal)

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Man ... this is so good!

Mark Allan Barnes:

thanks guys, means alot to have positive feedback like that. I appreciate it. I wanted this DEMO to be what you'd expect from a florida death metal band.... ugly and raw, shreddin, etc etc. which is why we chose a high error tuning like 16- later to find out 5 and 7 harmonics are better actually--but whatever..  the stuff were working on getting recorded now is moving fast, and it's a whole other ball game....
  I wanted an oldschool tape release for this one, and to play some gigs, as soon as possible. Right now we cant afford the drummers who'd like to be in our project...they either live too far, in other countries, or charge 1000$ a gig. I think that will come with more recordings, once someone recognizes us and we have shirts and cd's printed up, projected income and tour float, etc... that being said im planning 2 week east coast tour, regardless, with a lineup of some of my friends I grew up with.
  Im going to try to book and play places where all my xenharmonic friends can come, all ages, etc..  i purposely didn't make this music over the top, blasting, technical, etc...I grew up on oldschool punk and thrashy death metal so I made it more like something I'd like to enjoy and listen to as well... this way the band can develop and have room to grow as well.

emergence of opposites is about mavila, the xenharmonic alliance, and our scene.


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