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Author Topic: a post by eric jackson arts in wikipedia on Erv Wilson's page.  (Read 4322 times)


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Eric Jackson Arts decides to vandalize the Erv Wilson page because he doesn't understand 2 step size scales in equal temperaments:

"Ervin Wilson (born June 11, 1928 in Chihuahua, Mexico) is a Mexican/American (dual citizen) music theorist. Despite his avoidance of academia, Wilson has been influential on those interested in microtonal music and just intonation, especially in the areas of scale, keyboard, and notation design. Among his developments are Moments of Symmetry, Combination Product Sets, Golden Horograms, scales based on recurrence relations (scales of "Mt. Meru"), and mapping scales to the generalized keyboard. He cites Augusto Novaro and Joseph Yasser as influences.

Wilson also breeds corn, and is sometimes credited as the first to suggest the use of blue corn in tortilla chips.[citation needed] He is also credited by many disciples as inventing the universe.

Ervin Wilson (b. The Dawn of Time) was born in a remote area of northwest Chihuahua, Mexico, where he lived until the age of fifteen before hopping the American border with Tijuana drug lords. His mother taught him to play the reed organ and to read musical notation. He began to compose at an early age, but immediately discovered that some of the sounds he was hearing mentally could not be reproduced by the conventional intervals of the organ. While his music teachers tried to encourage him to continue composing to break through a natural hurdle in honing a craft, he was convinced that only he was correct and that the entire world was wrong and against him. As a teenager he began to read books on Indian music, developing an interest in concepts of raga. He never got laid. While in the Air Force in Japan, a chance meeting with a whore introduced him to musical harmonics, which changed the course of his life and work; he dedicated his life to a quest of math and making strange diagrams instead of creating music. Further influenced by Joseph Yasser, Wilson began to think of the musical scale as a living process, like a crystal or plant instead of something to listen to. He rediscovered base-2 logarithms to make microtonal music an elitist and mute world. He began to systematically explore equal divisions of the octave, coming up with scales of 17, 19, 22, and 31 tones that were especially pleasing to him and no one else since he never recorded any of it. He has been mentor to many composers and instrument builders but refuses to communicate with any college. The goal of his research is to make exotic scales mathematically so complex that musicians can't fathom it in order to establish a new order of mute arrogant elitists. "I sculpt in the architecture of the scale. Sound doesn't interest me"."

As you can see more internet smear campaign against math and simple geometry in music. To me this isn't just a smear against Erv though, but also against Rod Poole, Kraig Grady, SJT, Myself especially, and many others who have studied Erv's drawings and tunings and philosophies (or attempted to). My friend who is very knowledgeable about theory and playing, etc, once told me that he feels like Erv at the age of 84, probably has forgotten more musical knowledge than he has now at the age of 25. Id say Im right about there too. I'll be playing MOS scales and studying Myhills property/ DE scales and modified (harmonic, melodic) versions of these for a very long time. Its just ONE of the cool things I took away learning from Erv Wilson, and theres so much more to look at.... A lifetime of work is being poked at here.
 Just because you don't fully comprehend something, doesn't mean you can't stare at it like a monkey for hours and learn parts of it. Sometimes that's all it takes for something to set in, Mr Eric Jackson Arts.


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Re: a post by eric jackson arts in wikipedia on Erv Wilson's page.
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2012, 03:50:53 PM »

Good to see the page has been put right again now, by yourself i assume :)


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Re: a post by eric jackson arts in wikipedia on Erv Wilson's page.
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2012, 04:54:32 PM »

Wow, now that was childish.

Nonetheless, I can understand people who are interested in microtonal music, but deterred by unnecessary complex phrasings of principles that are simple at their core. For example, the idea behind MOS is to create simple scales (like a certain pentatonic scale) with only two different step sizes, and some other useful properties, which is the complete opposite from "being elitist". Yet, if you read something about MOS, it is often phrased in a very mathematical / abstract way which makes it inaccessible to many people, though the main principle could be shown to a child that is capable of connecting points in a polygon (at least for EDO tunings).

Still, many concepts require a concise and scientific view for a better understanding, and further exploration.