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Author Topic: 16-tone supermajor, and lead sheets  (Read 2855 times)


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16-tone supermajor, and lead sheets
« on: August 20, 2011, 10:14:12 PM »

16-tone supermajor and subminor .... 16-tone is like the ultimate neo-gothic tuning.  it takes a little work melodically for the subminor to be activated, but the supermajor is there. we've been talking about this on xenharmonic alliance...


since mavila can reverse any common practice music- jazz standards like autumn leaves can be played- AM D7 Gm Cm F#m7b5 B7 Emaj - reversing all the majors and minors- having a very instinctive locked in to the harmony feeling...

for 16-tone mavila lead sheets:

 M=major m=minor  SM=supermajor  sm=subminor  °=diminished