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A Cast of Billions with Norm Harris



From the technical side 3 frets in 17 = roughly 2 frets in 12. So I purposely tried to stick with 2 fret steps as I played lead to force myself away from sounding like 12 equal. (two frets are roughly 140 cent apart) This give the piece a very Arabic flavor to me. Ron probably will know the proper scale name.  I matched the fretless bass by ear.

Recorded in Sonar X1
17 note per octave electric guitar (2 tracks, lead and chords)
Washburn fretless bass
Norm Harris Percussion

Evan Harrington; poem

A Cast of Billions

on the dispassionate shore
on the longitude of recursive naught
on a formal lacidity overlooking the deep end
of your swimming pool of thought
and wherewithal without, I am a native
of the repository of selfless abandon
and you a radiation of the contemplative
comb which filters the streaming random
fractured days of redundant indiscipline
cannot weight against the globes
stalwart artists can pencil in
orgasmic frenzies of the lobes
where camouflage rages gain
if we love it is from fear
but that is nature’s game
returning from detouring years
applaud the cast of billions
for the splendid production
in all of its revisions
in all of its conduction
all of this amorphously to say
we’ve still not drained the pool
although it’s often murky
and quite the abode of fools

EKH 4/14/92


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