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53 edo guitars


I built the acoustic last Summer. I finished 'remodeling' the electric a few weeks ago, when I installed the Kahler whammy bar.

Thanks, good to see these :)

These guitars have subsets of 53edo, right?
There aren't enough frets on either one to be the whole 53 notes.

The strings are tuned in an offset manner, such that over the course of three strings, all 53 pitch are available. For instance, the lowest string does not have a fret that voices the major third or perfect fifth, but the next string is tuned to the third and the following string is tuned to the fourth or fifth. The fret works is essentially stacked 1/3 tones. There is no fret at the octave position.

Ah, I see.
And that way you don't have such tiny spaces between the frets in every position.


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