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Melle Weijters 41EDO 10 string progress



Looks awesome, but the neck makes me wonder if last frets are even playable? : )

I suppose the question is not if they are playable, but how well, and the answer depends on several parameters (scale length, string properties, distance between strings and fretboard).
It's probably not too easy, but at least there's no cutaway in the way here.

However, I think the biggest obstacle for me when playing in the last frets of my 31-EDO guitar is to localize the frets that I want to hit. Maybe I should have gone with color-coding complete frets like Eduardo Sábat Garibaldi did with his Dinarra, instead of using single or double dots.
Fortunately, the more I play, the better frequently used frets become recognizable, since the wood becomes darker in those spots. ^^

What I find interesting is that he placed the dots on prime-numbered frets. This includes frets representing the just ratios 12/11, 9/8, 6/5, 5/4, 4/3, 11/8, 18/11 and 2/1.



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