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41EDO 7 string guitar by Sword guitars / Metatonal music

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Is it already sold? I couldn't find it on the page.

Ron says it's an order built for 'someone special', don't know who yet though.
Part of the reason i posted it here is because it doesn't seem to appear anywhere outside facebook.

I'm curious who this 'someone special' is, and what kind of music they're going to make. However, I perfectly understand that Ron won't give out data concerning his customers.

41 has so much to offer: Magic, miracle, schismatic/helmholtz, superkleismic, mavila (if another mapping than the patent val is used), and even the Bohlen-Pierce scale, since the perfect twelfth (65 steps) can be divided into 13 equal parts.

Thanks for posting the picture here! :)

When Ron said 'someone special' i was thinking someone famous, but turns out he was referring to his friend Gregory Sanchez, who plays fairly straightforward 'hair metal' / hard rock stuff


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