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Quartertone flying V bass conversion



My first microtonal conversion. Curretly tuned in fifths at a baritone pitch, D'Addario Prosteels and Rotosound plain guitar string .070 .045 .028w .016p. EVO nickel-free gold coloured frets.

Is it finished? It looks like you left out most frets beyond the 1st octave, but I can't clearly tell from the picture.
Anyway, congrats for your DIY project, I hope you have lots of fun with your microtonal bass! :)

Btw, I'm currently doing it the other way around, by misusing my 31-edo baritone guitar as a bass guitar, and practicing the bass part of a certain Castlevania track. ^^


More frets, 35 now up to the neck joint heel, and 8 strings in unison courses, already plays quite well but needs some fret levelling and adjustment of string spacing at the nut. Still no zero fret 12mm from the original nut but i always use a string mute and using the original (out of tune) nut gives the mute more length to act on.


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