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Hi registration is open but due to a 100+ a day spambot attack new members have to have restricted permissions. Please introduce yourself by replying to this thread and i'll move you to a membergroup with standard permissions.
You don't have to own a microtonal guitar to join up.
If you know me at another forum just PM me your username at that forum, no need to introduce yourself.
My accounts ...

Welcome Roncevaux, i have moved you to the 'genuine members' group and you have full permissions.


--- Quote from: Mat on September 21, 2012, 10:58:34 AM ---Welcome Roncevaux, i have moved you to the 'genuine members' group and you have full permissions.

--- End quote ---

Hi Matt! Thank you for letting me in :) Presenting myself, I started recently to compose in xenharmonic scales, and my favorites for now are 19-EDO and Bohlen-Pierce. I have some tracks posted in , and my main goal here, besides discussing composition-aid tips, is to build ties of partnership for composing, playing and recording stuff. Thanks!

Lois i love your track 'Nome Feito', it has a fresh and crazy energy to it:
Sorry it's so quiet here  ;)

Hi Mat

 Other than joining a Gamelan class for a while a quarter-century ago, very little musical back ground until I got really interested in microtonality maybe 5-6 years back and took up/taught myself the microtonal banjo (initially 19EDO) and have lived in a self referential microtonal bubble since - I play only to amuse myself and haven't recorded anything tho I might if I think I've pinned down something worthwhile and procrastination allows


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